Dave Devine — President

Dave Devine
President, Paradigm Design LLC

Dave Devine brings expertise gained through 30 years of experience in various positions, from operations to engineering. His well-rounded approach to solving design challenges, along with a broad range of practical knowledge, experience and a keep-it-simple methodology, allows him to provide unparalleled customer service and quality with the highest business and ethical standards.

Prior to creating Paradigm Design, Mr. Devine served as the vice president of engineering and business development at Evolve Manufacturing Technologies. Diverse experiences across the field of engineering, including in manufacturing operations, facilities, materials and machine shops, have provided Mr. Devine with numerous opportunities to produce simple and effective solutions for his customers. Throughout his career, Mr. Devine has developed a knack for looking at new and existing designs and finding opportunities to reduce costs, improve manufacturability, refine process flow and enhance sustainability.

Mr. Devine’s expertise makes him well-qualified to solve problems, engineer solutions, produce prototypes and manufacture products for a wide variety of customers.

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