MedicalParadigm Design and our strategic partner, Evolve Manufacturing Technologies, have extensive experience in the medical-manufacturing market. In one case, we were able to redesign three legacy products for one customer, improving reliability, cutting costs and reducing physical size. By incorporating newer technologies, we reduced the number of fittings and potential leak points while improving overall performance and functionality.

On another product, we replaced a large, outdated peristaltic pump with a very small, modern pump. With this change and a few other small adjustments, we were able to reduce the number of sheet metal brackets used, as well as the physical volume of the product. We won a sustainability award for doing so.

By analyzing the test process and designing several test fixtures on another medical product, we were able to reduce testing time from 2 hours to 20 minutes, improve the safety of this high-voltage test and minimizing damage to the printed circuit board.

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